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Amplify - Email Customization Email customization goes deep with Amplify ResellerRatings Team

For each platform you push review invites to, you want to speak the language of the platform. What works on one platform, doesn't work on another. What incentivizes a customer to write a review on social media platforms like Facebook, might be different than those on a b2b site that tend to be entrenched users.

Our customization options for emails are vast. Check out our video below for a quick primer on email customization.

  1. You can make a custom template for any of the supported review sites

  2. These templates are independent of one another. A facebook template is only used for Facebook.

  3. Your default ResellerRatings survey will always be customized at the default custom area, not within the third party review templates.


Integrating coupons is as simple as setting up coupons in our coupons system. Once that's done, you can simply choose which campaign you want to use in the sidebar of the email customization.

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