Amplify - Reputation Protection

Review Content Protection gives retailers a chance to engage and fix issues before a review is left on an external platform outside of ResellerRatings.

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Reputation Protection aims to give retailers a chance to engage with reviews before having to deal with a negative review getting published to an external platform via our Amplify tool.  It engages a special review template email that can be customized but routes customers to different platforms depending on the rating they choose.

  • A negative review (1-3) star will go directly to ResellerRatings so you can engage with the reviewer
  • A positive review will follow any review distribution you've already set

How to Use it

1. Go to Collect Trust > Reputation Management > Amplify > Review Distribution

2. Turn on the Review Enablement toggle option

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3.  Customize your review protection survey email


Review Protection ONLY works with POST CHECKOUT surveys.  It does not work with Checkout Surveys that appear RIGHT after a purchase has been made.  To turn on review protection for those - you can go to your Survey > settings page where you can customize your text response


The Reputation Protection Email

The reputation protection email is special as with this option on you will 

  • override ANY custom email templates you have set for other platforms you may be distributing reviews to!

The reason for this is that the other custom templates for other third-party platforms simply prompts the shopper to 'write a review, as opposed to SELECTING a star rating, which is what the reputation Protection email does.   That way, we know if it's a poor rating and to route it to ResellerRatings or to go ahead and push the customer to another platform.


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