Flagging Reviews - What to expect if you Flag a Review

Process and rules around flagging

We adhere to our guidelines and rules when processing content. ResellerRatings Team

The goal of ResellerRatings is to accurately portray consumer sentiment, as well as retailer interaction with the content. To learn more about flagging and terms, you can find more below.

Flagging Process

When you enact a flag on a review, the flag goes through a special process of manual review.  The ResellerRatings transparency team involves trained individuals who investigate the review and the validity of the review based on the flagging terms.  More complex situations require further back and forth between either the reviewer or the retailer.

1.  Flag gets set for review by the retailer

2.  Our transparency team gets alerted and attempts to review details around the review

3.  The review flag will either be approved or not approved

4.  If a review flag is approved, the review will be de-activated and publishing partners will be notified of the deactivation

5.  Confirmation email of final action is sent


Moreover, it's essential to understand the flow of flagging; once a review is flagged and adjudicated by the transparency team, it is considered conclusively reviewed, meaning it cannot be flagged again. This finality ensures that once a decision is made, it is respected and adhered to, preventing an endless cycle of flagging that could further complicate or disrupt the trustworthiness of the review system.


A review can only be reflagged if it has been modified by the reviewer.


FAQ for flagging reviews

When can I use “Not a Business Review”?

  • The review must fully be describing a situation that has nothing to do with your business. If there is one line in the review about talking to customer service, the review does not fully violate the term and remains active

  • If the review only talks about a product. This would be a product review and not a business review. The whole review must be about the product and have nothing to do with the company. 

  • If the review only talks about an external shipping company. This would be a shipping company review and not a review of your company. The whole review would have to mention only the shipping company. This does not apply to the fulfillment of an order, which is considered valid.  However, a close look will be applied to understand the relationship between the merchant, shipper, and supply chain.  It is after all part of the end-to-end consumer experience.

  • If the review is nonsensical. 

  • If the whole review is talking about another company entirely. 

How long does the flagging process take?

  • At the maximum, our Reviews team will process your flag over a two-business-day period. Most reviews have a shorter turnaround time, but periodical high-volume days may require a full two days.

Can I flag a review that has already been flagged?

  • If a reviewer has updated the text of their review that is in violation of another or the same term, yes you can flag a review more than once. 

  • If the reviewer has not made any changes to the review and you have questions as to why it was or was not taken down, please email support@resellerratings.com to go over the specific situation. 

  • Abusive repeat flagging of review content is against our usage of platform usage and builds bad community and distrust in our platform integrity - abusive patterns of behavior of content may warrant an audit of content or the relationship

What if the reviewer is lying?

  • ResellerRatings cannot verify without a doubt that the author of the review is telling the truth or lying. The best way to manage these cases is to send a direct message to the reviewer first in an attempt to solve the issue or tell your side of the story. If the reviewer does not respond after some time, post an appropriate public reply telling your side of the situation. Remember to stay truthful and respectful. 

What happens when I flag for “Not a Customer”?

  • An automatic email is sent to the author of the review asking them to provide proof of purchase or proof of interaction. Read more about what we consider a genuine customer. Once our Support team receives valid proof of purchase or interaction, the review is marked Active. If the proof of purchase or interaction is not valid, the review may be marked Inactive.

My customers are emailing me about their account with ResellerRatings, what do I say?

  • A ResellerRatings account is created for all new reviewers. This account allows the reviewer to edit their review, leave reviews for other merchants, update their profile, etc. 

  • If the reviewer is asking how to edit their review, see How to Edit Your Review.

  • If the reviewer is asking to change their username, see How to Edit Your Username.

  • If the reviewer is having trouble with their password, have them email support@resellerratings.com

  • If the reviewer is asking how to delete a review, they can be taken to https://www.resellerratings.com/privacy/manage in which they can direct their download and deletion of data in accordance with current privacy rulings (CCPA, GDPR)

We already solved the issue - can we take the review down?

Once you resolve an issue with a reviewer, if you feel it is appropriate, you can ask the reviewer to update their review. If the reviewer does not update the review, or the situation was not appropriate to ask them to do so, ResellerRatings will not take down the review as it does not violate our terms.

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