Flagging Review Terms

How do flagging reviews work, what it is for and what it's not for?

In some cases, our team will remove review content, such as when it does not follow our our strict Content guidelines.  Reviews are never removed for their rating.  


When a review is flagged for either Product Reviews or Seller Ratings review, it will go through a review process with our moderation and transparency team to make sure they fall within violations of the terms set below.  




Non-compliance – The author has persuaded their legal team to request the review be removed. 

Vulgar Content – The use of any language considered to be obscene, profane, or offensive, as well as a personal attack. 

Not a Business Review – The review does not pertain to the business itself or is off-topic.  

* reviews regarding vendor failures such as shipping, or other fullfillment - may pertain to the brand itself dependent on the situation.  

Personally Identifiable Information: The posting contains the last name of any individual (first names are allowed), or any other personally identifiable information, which is defined as information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person, or can be used with other sources to uniquely identify a single individual ("PII"). 

Multiple Reviews – The review has been posted multiple times by the same person on ResellerRatings’ website. 

Current or Former Employee - The author of the review is a current or former employee

Not a Customer – The author of the review did not purchase anything from you or have a genuine experience with your company.

Written Communication – The review contains confidential, written communications between any parties. 

Reference to Competitor – The review contains the name of, or implies other businesses or competitors.  

Older than one year – The transaction occurred at least 12 months prior to the date on which the review was posted. 

Star Rating Error – The star rating of the review does not match the user’s sentiment (i.e. a negative review accompanied by a positive user comment). 


Notes on changes to Flagging (October 2022)

Read everything here - Oct 2022 - https://updates.resellerratings.com/announcements/major-flagging-and-terms-update

  1. Product-centric reviews regarding a brand are now allowed.  With the growth of direct-to-consumer marketing, products and brands are practically highly correlated.  The separation of product and brand is a legacy of the reseller world itself.

  2. Shipping and other issues may be a result of third-party dependencies.  These will all be adjudicated by our transparency team if they are flagged on a case-by-case basis.  The original clause of this flag was intended if carriers had mass disruptions that were of no fault to the brand.  This would be a valid usage of the flag.  However, a prolonged dependency on a carrier or misinforming customers of delivery dates on a long-term basis constitutes some real valid concerns from customers.   Here are some concrete examples of what we would consider an invalid usage of this flag

  3. The item was shipped, the item was not delivered at all, and the customer service team of the brand failed to respond to the customer and attempt to rectify or communicate the issue.  This would be a valid review

    • The brand has strong tenancies to mislabel shipping costs and shipping times on a consistent basis

Change and modification history

Oct 2022 - https://updates.resellerratings.com/announcements/major-flagging-and-terms-update

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