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Before you Flag Some tips to remember when flagging reviews as merchant

Before you flag a review….

It is important to understand that ResellerRatings does not remove positive or negative reviews simply based on their ratings. We take a neutral stance in disputes between customers and merchants but do help facilitate the transfer of information back and forth.


ResellerRatings is a passive aggregation of consumer opinion, and it is our mission to improve the consumer shopping experience by providing a safe, unbiased space for customers to share their experiences. Those experiences can help you learn how to improve your customer service, business processes, and other aspects of your organization to ultimately boost your reputation.

If you’re a merchant thinking about flagging a review solely because you do not agree with the reviewer or the events described within the review, we recommend that you refrain from doing so. Instead, ResellerRatings recommends that you utilize our direct message or public reply tools to work toward a resolution with the reviewer, offer some clarification, or at the very least, a polite response for the benefit of future shoppers.

So, why would you flag a review?

There are situations in which ResellerRatings does remove reviews to maintain content quality, protect privacy, or for other reasons we deem appropriate. These reasons are also known as our terms and guidelines, which we require all reviews to comply with.

Flagging a review is a great way to notify the ResellerRatings Reviews team that one has violated[KB1]  the ResellerRatings terms. If a reviewer clearly violates one or more terms, the review will eventually be removed. Note that reviewers can edit their reviews to no longer be in violation. If this happens, the review becomes public once again. 

Benefits of flagging reviews

Reviews found to be in violation of our terms are placed in the “Inactive” status. Inactive reviews are not visible to the public, and they do not count toward your overall score.

Reasons for flagging a review

Each of the following flag reasons correlates to one of our terms.

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