Why was my review removed?

Reviews can be removed from our system for a variety of reasons. Get to know why your review may be gone.

A reviewer deleted the review.

Review authors have the right to delete/modify their review whenever they want.  They can also request a GDPR request to remove data from the system.  In this case, a review may be removed by the author at any time.

Other Shoppers flagged the Review for content violation

Consumers can flag reviews that violate our Guidelines for Reviewers. Our Content and Transparency Team assesses whether the flagged review breaches the rules. If it does, we'll take action, which might result in the review being removed.

The Review got caught in the Fraud Detection System.

ResellerRatings deploys a review fraud detection system.  This system checks for various data points to see if a review is suspicious or of poor quality.  Saying exactly how the system works would defeat the entire point of it, but there are some things to talk about.

1. The fraud review system runs 24/7 as reviews come in, checking all review content for a variety of issues, including quality

2. A content transparency team can provide an additional manual review layer to determine whether reviews meet our other Content guidelines.