I can't find or see my review.

Wrote a review but now it's gone? Or perhaps you want to know how to get rid of reviews for your business profile on ResellerRatings.

If you can't see a particular review, it could be because:

The reviewer deleted their review

On ResellerRatings - a review can be deleted by an actual reviewer (or edited / modified) by a reviewer at any time.  We don't touch reviews or modify them, that's up to the owner of the review (in this case, the author of the review).


The review was flagged for breach of Terms and Violations

On ResellerRatings, both consumers, can FLAG reviews that violate our guidelines or have some other content issue, or businesses can FLAG reviews that fall under specific flagging violations or breach of rules.  Content flagged by businesses goes to our Content Integrity team that reviews the content to see if it matches the violation.  

Fraud Detection

ResellerRatings employs a series of technical tools and algorithms to watch for suspicious reviews, patterns, and more.   If it detects this content, it will remove this content before it even goes live.  That's why our reviews often have a delay going live as it goes through the 48 hour check.   

* Our fraud systems are well tailored to removing what we believe is bad content or poor quality review content

Modified Reviews

ResellerRatings supports one review per shopper per store.   That is, if you create a review, that original review is modified.  Most shoppers modify their reviews within 60-90 days of a review being written.  If you have written a review on ResellerRatings a while ago, your review will show up publicly on the original creation date of the review.