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Visual Marketing - Shoppable Reel

Shoppable Reel Showcase your best images in gorgeous, discoverable widgets.

Shoppable Reel allows you to organize your images into galleries and showcase them anywhere on your site.  Whether it's a full-page gallery or a gallery widget that get's placed on it's own full page, there's something that fits your website.

Highlights of Shoppable Reel include

  • Mobile and Desktop friendly

  • Large format or small format modes 

  • Click to shop on images

  • Reporting for clicks and loads to measure for a/b tests

Getting Started

It's easy to get started.  If you have visual marketing enabled in your plan, simply go to Seller Ratings > Widgets > Create New.

You can select Shoppable Reel directly from the selection.

Create your widget gallery and set the images you want

Create > then you're done.  

Pushing your content live

It's easy to push your gallery content live.  All you have to do is follow our regular widget instructions, and your gallery will be turned on for the div you have it assigned to.  

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