Trustbot - Review Summaries third-party review sites

Review summaries are here, designed to take the heavy lifting away from your team and give you insights into your review data on other platforms.

Trustbot is designed to streamline the process of summarizing reviews from third-party sources, providing you with swift insights.  TrustBot processes extensive review data clusters to extract the essential information, presenting you with the reviews' highs, lows, next steps, and relevance.

This rapid method of dissecting review content revolutionizes your interaction with your shoppers and growth levers by taking the time to dissect front-line shopper data fast



Show me how TrustBot Works

Trustbot takes into account 

  • Your review content
  • Who wrote the review
  • Your storefront and public data about your store
  • The external review source

And It synthesizes the knowledge base together and gives you the relevant summaries taking into account a wide variety of topical areas.