Tips on Dealing with Reviews

Tips on Dealing with Reviews ResellerRatings Team

Public Reply Tips and Best Practices

Canned responses come off as cold, edit or create each response to be unique and pertinent to the reviewer.

Always keep in mind that each review is important because it came from one of your customers.

Remember everyone can see your public reply.

Use appropriate language and avoid acronyms.

Respond in a timely manner – depending on your resources – as soon as possible is best.

Use positive language. Example: “That product will be available next week.” Instead of “I can’t get you that product until next week.”

 Reviews are free feedback for your business, use them!

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Do not ignore negative reviews, they are happy customers in disguise.

Read and understand the review before responding.

Research the issue, you want to provide accurate information. This builds trust between reviewer and your brand.

If the review is inaccurate, carefully and factually respond with your side of the story.

Never blame the reviewer.

Replies should be sincere and not defensive.

Always provide a solution - suggestion a way in which the reviewer can achieve their end goal.

Brief replies might be best in sticky situations, post your customer service phone number and encourage the reviewer to call you to speak more on the topic.

Understand that sometimes people just have a bad day and you cannot convert them all.

 Replies for Good Reviews 

The reviewer took the time to praise you, give them a thank you reply!

 Ask what you can do better when appropriate, never stop improving.

Share the good reviews with your team/social media.

What are the reviews telling you?

Determine if the negative reviews are a one-time occurrence or a bigger issue.

Pinpoint where your customers are having issues with our Tagging tools.

Focus your resources on solving the issue that the most people are having a hard time with first, but do not ignore the minority.

Share your good reviews with your marketing team to post on social media.

Good reviews will tell you what your customers love about your brand. So keep it up!

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