Survey - Email Advanced Customization

Advanced customization for the designer in you

You have a lot of power with our flexible email system to integrate dynamic email templates directly into your store. We're really excited to show you how to do this. Let's take you on a quick tour.

If you're part of a free plan and want to learn more about your customization options - check out customization options.

What can you customize?

You can customize the following options in your emails

  • layout

  • Colors

  • headers

  • images

  • email style (HTML or plain text)

  • Email Subject Line

How to select an email section to Customize?

You can select the icons on the left-hand side to select the particular section of the email you'd like to customize. When you select one of these - the options may change.

You can change

  • the main body styles

  • The email header

  • The email body

  • The email footer

How do I preview my email?

There's a real-time render on the right-hand side of the screen that shows cases of how the email should look in a variety of browsers. You can also preview our Desktop vs mobile rendering and make tweaks accordingly. If you'd like to preview your email in real-time you can literally 'send a preview' to the linked email address on the account. This will fire an email (once it's saved') to the account.

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