Social Q&A - Implementation Code

Social Q&A - Implementation Code ResellerRatings Team

Implementing Social Q&A

To implement SoQA on your product pages you must place a div tag on your page. The content for each SKU appears automatically within this div. This can be turned on and off depending on your access to the plan.


Social Q&A piggybacks off of Product Reviews. You need to have implemented the product review JavaScript widget first and foremost to add the Social Q&A widget. If you've done that, you're 90% of the way there.

This div renders the SoQA widget and can be placed anywhere on your product page by adding the following code:

<div id="rr_soqa_widget"></div>

We recommend this code is placed within the TAB structure of your site. You can also implement this as a linked Pop Up.

3.2 Styling SoQA

The SoQA Widget can be customized very easily, simply by overwriting the CSS file that comes baked into the render. By overwriting the widget, you can customize the gallery to match the look and feel of your site. You need a developer like a HTML developer for this.

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