Inbox Sentiment-Driven Trend Events

Get sentiment-driven trends and alerts straight to your inbox.

There are two ways to get sentiment data to your Inbox.  Each of these are driven by different places in the dashboard.

  1. Inbox Reports - New Sentiment Recipes that send out reports on a scheduled basis
  2. Alerts & Notifications - Adhoc alerts that stream in based on set criteria


Sentiment trends help your organization keep up with several things.

  • Sentiment analysis is crucial during times of crisis or particular challenges like sudden delivery issues. By closely monitoring sentiment trends, organizations can quickly detect and respond to negative sentiment before it escalates.

  • Timely intervention and transparent communication can help mitigate the impact of negative sentiment, rebuild trust, and safeguard the organization's reputation.

  • Find out if efforts around particular brand topics like shipping are improving.


Types of Inbox Report Recipes

  • Keyword Distribution Report -  sends a summation of keyword distributions straight to your inbox.
  • Topic Report - Gives a topic report of topics and the average sentiment
  • Trend Alert Report

Sentiment Alerts and Notifications

These alerts are different from Inbox Reports regarding Sentiment trends.  These alerts are used when reviews come in for particular topics you track.


For example, if a review comes in, and sentiment notes it's of a particular topic (not tag - those are different) that you are monitoring - it will notify you.  Think of it as intelligent systems and AI that automatically deciphers what a topic is for a review and fires off an alert to you.