Reviewer FAQ

Writing reviews? Here are answers to your most common questions.

Do merchants have control over which reviews they want to appear on ResellerRatings?

Absolutely not! One hundred percent of reviews submitted to, from users with verified email addresses, will appear on our site within 48 hours unless the review violates one of our published policies. In those rare cases, we always contact the reviewer to bring their review into compliance with our policies. If you see a message board post or other online discussion claiming that merchants can manipulate reviews in any way, please let us know about it so we can address the concern. Merchants cannot and have never been able to control which reviews appear on ResellerRatings.

I want to evaluate the company. How do I go about it?

Go to's homepage. Find the company you wish to evaluate, either by searching for its name in the search box or by browsing our list of companies. Click on the "Rate this Store" button on the company's reviews page. If you have an account, enter your user name and password. When the form appears, follow the instructions. If you don't have an account, click on the "register" button and follow the instructions to get a free account. After you register, you will receive an email to confirm your account. After your account is confirmed (you only need to confirm your account once), you will be presented with the evaluation form.

Why isn’t the review I posted showing up on the site?

Reviews are posted within 48 hours of submission. If you don't see your review after 48 hours, make sure that you have activated your account by clicking on the link in the email. In the unlikely event that your review violated one or more of our policies, it may have been deactivated until you can bring it into compliance with our policies. ResellerRatings will contact you in that case. Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions about missing reviews.

I evaluated a company in the past but my opinion has since changed. How do I update my previous evaluation?

If you submitted an evaluation for a company on or after March 11, 2002, you can change your answers to the survey questions and edit your comments. Simply go to that company's "Rate This Store" button and the system will display your evaluation for you to edit.

ResellerRatings rated a company unfairly. Please explain.

We do not rate companies. Our site users are 100% responsible for evaluating all of the companies listed at They are also liable for their comments. The ResellerRatings team does not submit any evaluations for any companies.

Why don’t some companies have an overall score?

In order to ensure statistical accuracy, a company's overall score is not tabulated until that company has received 20 or more evaluations.

My evaluation was removed. Why is that?

All reviews must comply with our published policies. As a general rule, evaluations are rarely removed, and we always contact reviewers whenever possible to allow them to bring their reviews into compliance with our policies.

How do I know that the companies haven't submitted evaluations for themselves?

We use a variety of techniques to prevent fraud, including algorithmic processes and the manual review of selected evaluations. We also require email verification and customer invoices from users. And, of course, any fraudulent evaluations are removed.

I think ResellerRatings is a valuable service. Can I link to the site on my homepage?

Yes! Feel free to link to ResellerRatings.

Do you take kickbacks from retailers to give them better ratings?

No. We do not evaluate any retailers on; only our registered users can submit evaluations. ResellerRatings was created to help buyers make educated purchasing decisions, and we strive to maintain the highest ethical standards in that endeavor. Retailers can participate in our merchant member program to collect reviews more efficientily and connect with shoppers.

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