Review Tracking - Manage & Engage with 3rd party reviews

Review tracking allows you to centralize reviews into one view to quickly sift through your shopper content hub.


With Manage and Engage, you can select third-party reviews from the top left.  It's pretty simple.  You can do the following.

  1. Switch between third-party review platforms.
  2. Segment and filter data for third-party review platforms
  3. Do review textual search to search for topics or mentions across all platforms
  4. Run AI analysis and Sentiment Analysis on review data.
  5. Compare the quality of review data.

Launching Sentiment and Topical Analysis

If sentiment is also part of your plan, you can analyze sentiment and topical data and process through thousands of reviews in a blink of an eye to topically tag them and understand what people are saying.  Sentiment can be initiated simply by clicking the sentiment button.


Launching AI Summation (beta)

Key Data displayed

Remember, you can segment data any which way - including pre-filtering third party review platforms, time ranges, topics, and tags and THEN click AI analysis.  This will yield more accurate summations and more useful insights.  

It's easy to summarize content quickly with our AI generative tool.

  1. Understand the pros and cons of segmented review data very, very fast
  2. Get a quick understanding of hot topics, their severity, and the outcome
  3. Any highlighted issues or reviews will show up fast

AI summation gathers all your review data very quickly.  The first thing you'll see is an overall assessment containing both positive and negative sentiment as well as some recommendations on what can be done to improve particularly negative items.  

The data goes down into a breakdown that provides some highlighted key items, alongside a severity score.

Relevance score

The relevant score highlights how important our AI model considers the core issues.  The more focus on the issue with higher relevancy, the more impact to the business.