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Engagement - Reviews modified report

Small to Enterprise clients are all facing the same problems, how do I keep my existing customers and how do I make sure that our first-time customers come back to buy again and again? This report will help you.

Any review 1-3 star is pretty guaranteed that the shopper isn't coming back. But moving a 1-3 to 4-5, that story can easily be shown to your exec team to say The X number of customers that changed their review times your average customer lifetime value equals the money you help retain.
 People's opinions about you change over time.  That's a matter of fact.  A product that may have seemed amazing right away, may have major failure down the line.   Customers and shoppers come back and write reviews, and modify their reviews to fix this.   The Revise a reviews report is a BRAND focused report on review revision.  This does not pertain to product reviews.

Things you can learn from this report

  • How many reviews do I have that have been changed over time?
  • Have the review scores I've collected been modified positively or negatively over time?
  • Has there been a trend of review scores being modified negatively due to business trends, product deliverability issues, or more?
  • What agents delivered the highest impact of change over their revisions?
  • Does ASKING for a revision of the review give me higher scores on average than not asking?


Key Insights to Uncover

When you use this report, ask yourself several things.  Are customers or shoppers coming BACK to modify reviews?  If a large percentage there, is negative, that means a lot of shoppers are coming back to revise issues they may be having.  If you have a low percentage of modified reviews with highly positive reviews, well - you're certainly in a great place to continue building loyal customers.

We show TWO key average data pieces here

  • Reviews modified overall - these are reviews that have had no interactions with your agent to 'revise' the review
  • Revise a review - These are reviews that an agent has specifically ASKED the customer to revise.

Data tip - The filter for the date range selects the initial RANGE of reviews and when the review was initially created.  For example, if you pick a week range - it will select all the active reviews that were submitted for THAT week, even if they were modified months later!


Key Feature: Highlighting Agent Performance for Review Modifications

You can select and see what agents, under Ask a review are performing well with their interactions.  This allows you to select and highlight which moderation or customer support person on your team is performing well vs not for review revisions.




How to integrate this report into your Customer Engagement workflows

It's pretty simple - if you have great customer interactions with your agents on our review platform, simply always have your agents click the 'Ask to revise button'.   This will mark the review and track its revision history so you can pull reporting data on 

  • Which agents on your team provide a great review turnaround response rate before reviews get syndicated to shopping partners
  • Which agents are underperforming with their interactions


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