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See what shoppers are comparing you on the shopper portal and see how customers are viewing your store.

Comparison Benchmarks allow you to easily see who your mostly compared to stores are in relation to shoppers.


Comparison benchmarks measure how many shoppers compare your store to similar stores and brands on reseller ratings. Tracking these comparisons lets you see how you stack up against your competitors and identify trends over time. I will also show you how to access the comparison benchmark chart and interpret the data. You can watch this video to gain insights into your store's performance and make informed decisions to improve your competitiveness.


Below we'd like to explain the concept of comparison benchmarks and how they can help you understand how shoppers perceive your store. 


How Shoppers initiate a comparison


Comparisons by shoppers can be initiated in three ways

  • From search results on
  • From your storefront (top of the fold)
  • Head-to-head alternatives(bottom right of store page)

Search Results Comparison

Your ResellerRatings Profile Page

Head to head on your brand ResellerRatings store profile page



How to improve competitiveness

  • 1. Make sure your store is in the right category
  • 2. Collect more reviews and collect recent reviews
  • 3.  Increase your overall review counts