Notifications - Product Reviews

Send custom alerts for product reviews

Why it matters

You can create a whole series of custom alerts to get your product reviews in front of the right people internally. Whether it's for marketing content, or to isolate particular brands or categories and monitor them - it can all be done here.

How to access it - Go to Settings - Alert & Notifications - Product Reviews

Click Add Rule and you can create a whole series of rules and notifications for yourself or team members.

Things you can do

The rule engine is super customizable, but can be a bit overwhelming so here are some of the bat rules you can create!

  • send notifications when I get any product review < 2-3 stars

  • send notifications for a particular brand that is 4-5 stars to marketing to target and isolate for social or website sharing

  • send negative reviews to an external product distributor for a particular product category or brand your store carries

There are way more things you can do here, but hopefully, that helps!

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