Product Reviews - III. Display reviews on the Product Landing Page

Build the ultimate Product Landing Page

Product Reviews - III. Display reviews on the Product Landing Page Display product reviews on your page and watch conversions increase ResellerRatings Team


Displaying your Product Reviews on your Store Page 

Product Reviews requires that a Javascript with accompanying DIV tags to be installed throughout your web site to function properly. The ResellerRatings Javascript draws category ratings, and adds product detail page functionality such as reviews. Each instance requires the inclusion of product_ID and other variables to ensure proper rendering. 


Display Widgets and Modules

 The product reviews widget displays a variety of different information dependent on what services you have enabled with ResellerRatings.  Check out the Widget Variant page to see all the different versions and modules of the Product Review Widget.  The widget can also be customized in the settings menu (ie - star type).  

Widget Varient Types

There's a variety of widget types that summate user generated content around the product landing page.  Here are some variations below depending on what you have enabled.

Basic Product Reviews Widget

Product Reviews Widget - No reviews

Product Reviews Only - Write a review turned on

Product Reviews with Social Q&A

Product Reviews with Customer Images

Product Reviews with full Suite (Social Q&A, Customer Imagery)





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