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Product Reviews - I. Uploading Your Store Catalog

Uploading Your Store Catalog Learn how to import your store catalog into our system. It's easy.

Capturing Product Catalogs 

Let's explain how we source your actual product reviews. It's pretty simple. All our product reviews are from verified buyers from your store. That is, you source your own reviews from your customers.

Feed Ingestion Through Code Snippet - Product Tag

On each of your product pages, place the following code snippet and you’ll automatically start sending us data from that page straight to our servers.  We will absorb the SKU level data provided and be able to communicate the purchases back to the user and tie it back when the review process comes along. 

Just copy our Javascript onto the top of your product page template, with dynamic variable replacement for sku/item#, product title, and product image url, and into your thank you/success page post checkout. If you're not a developer, or not comfortable with code, you can pass this onto your webmaster, or contact us so we can help you get going. 

Required Fields

PRODUCT_SKU * - Insert the variable that populates the product sku  

PRODUCT_IMAGE_URL * - Insert a variable that links to an image hosted on your site for the product.  This image will be used to display back to the consumer when they write a review  

PRODUCT_URL * - Insert the product page URL so users can click through to it  


Optional Fields

PRODUCT_CATEGORY - Insert the variable that specifies the category the product belongs to.

PRODUCT_GTIN - Insert the variable that populates the product GTIN.   

PRODUCT_MPN - Insert the variable that populates the product MPN.   

PRODUCT_BRAND - Insert the variable that specifies the brand the product belongs to.  

Parent Level Product Support (Optional)

You can provide some optional data to associate products to parent level SKU's and have them share reviews.  You can learn Multi Product Sharing.

parent_id: "PARENT_LEVEL_ID",  - this can be whatever number you deem necessary.  So whatever product shares this parent level ID, will share the same reviews.

parent_name: "PARENT_NAME", - the parent name of the top level product as it shows in the ResellerRatings portal or the

parent_image: "PARENT_IMG_URL", * optional

Final Script Tag - Required

At the bottom of your Product Page place the second piece of code snippet. Substitute  my_store_name.js with your own seo name on resellerratings. 

PRODUCT_SKU * - Insert the variable that populates the product sku  

Now that we're loading your product catalogue into our system let's move onto the next step.  That is - Choosing your collection methods.


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