Plans & Pricing Dropdown

The plans and pricing drop-down gives you a way to understand what you're using, what's out there - and to investigate more.

Let's break down the plans tab and what it means.  It currently shows a few things

  • The number of orders you have in your plan
  • The number of AI-assisted credits you have in your project if it's enabled
  • The Core Products you have enabled
  • The Add ones you have enabled

Order numbers

Each plan comes with a set number of orders you can use.  For example, one order means one purchase order from a customer.  So you could use one order credit for BOTH a product review, brand review, and UGC because it's all from the same order.  

Examples of order usage

  • One credit is used for every entry in an Accelerator CSV you upload
  • 1 credit is used for taking a brand review from one order
  • 1 credit is used for taking a brand review or a product review from that very same order

As of now, order numbers are not enforced, but we will be transitioning to order based limits in early 2024


AI-Assisted Credits

As we transition our platform to completely AI-assisted, you will see limits on AI-assisted workflows as they can be expensive with our model.  AI is extremely powerful and we're excited to deploy partner learning models as well as our own fully.  They are credit-based - and when the credits are finished, it will roll over in the coming month.

If you need more credits, you can contact our account team to up the credit usage (usually for free if if it's just a mild bump).

Core Products

We deploy These core power products to enhance discoverability and conversion rates on your site.  They are almost always required to take advantage of the Add-ons fully.  For example, having Product Reviews is a pre-requisite for Imagery UGC or Video Reviews.