Multi Product (Parent-child) Hierarchy

Multi Product Hierarchy Represent and build out complex product structures.

Aggregating products that are not related to each other is STRICTLY forbidden on our platform.  Brands who engage in this behavior will be removed permanently from our services after given a chance to rectify this.  

See the FTC's ruling on 'review hijacking' - 

Review Hijacking is when a brand effectively aggregates content from various products together even though they are only tangentially related. 


From time to time, you may have products that are sub-categorized products.  Meaning, you might have different sku's for a tee-shirt that comes in three different variants.  If the products are basically the same (save for cosmetic variance like color, etc) you may want to aggregate reviews collected for the individual product up to the parent-level product.  

  • Using product hierarchies makes collecting reviews for parent-level products faster

  • You can aggregate the reviews for the sub-products up to the parent product

Some examples of this include

  • I sell a type of brand of home paint, in different colors

  • I sell the same tee shirt cut with five different color variants

Instead of having each product collect reviews individually, the aggregate review is combined for all the products.  

Connecting Products to share reviews

You can provide some optional data to associate products to parent-level SKU's and have them share reviews.  You can learn more about where to place the code here under Feed Ingestion.

parent_id: "PARENT_LEVEL_ID",  - this can be whatever number you deem necessary.  So whatever product shares this parent level ID, will share the same reviews.

parent_name: "PARENT_NAME", - the parent name of the top level product as it shows in the ResellerRatings portal or the

parent_image: "PARENT_IMG_URL", * optional

How do these reviews show up to customers

A new amended TAG will show up for each review snippet shown that denotes the ACTUAL SKU level product that the review is talking about so customers understand what product is being shown.


Parent-Child rules for aggregation

1. Variant systems should not be abused to aggregate reviews for products that aren't closely related.   The FTC has ruled against this and has fined companies large amounts of money for effectively false advertising.  

2.  Products with different shapes, sizes or colors are fine for variants.

3.  Structurally different products, whereby that be of FORMULATION, BUILD QUALITY, and TYPE should be aggregated under NEW reviews that are solely represented of that product.