Integration - Multi-Site Sync Product Reviews

Did you know product reviews you collect on one of your brands, can be shared with your other brands product review pages. All with almost zero effort. Wow.

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If you have multiple websites with us collecting Product reviews with related products, you can sync those product reviews together.  Gaining both traction from orders from your other brands, to build your content FASTER than ever before and have MORE coverage for your shared products.

It's easy to enable, all you have to do is contact our technical team and we'll enable it.  

That's it.  


Review Sync works with one - many websites AS long as MPN, GTIN or SKU or the same.  It even works to aggregrate PARENT level multi-hierarchal product reviews.

How it works and rules

  • Each Retailer or merchant maintains it's own proudct catalog.  It's okay if there's an overlap in SKUs.  That way each product link goes back to the right URL for the brand.  
  • A Product in a merchant syndication group will share all reviews with any product with the same SKU. 
  • For example - if merchant a and merchant B both have a product with sku "MYSKU", then the reviews belong to BOTH MYSKU products and will be displayed on their respective product review pages
    • For example if MYSKU and 2 reviews sourced from each Site (site A and Site B), 4 reviews would show up on the product pages for BOTH Site A and Site B
  • For Google syndication, nothing changes and each stores owns its own respective reviews


Rich Snippets Coverage

Reviews will have rich snippet coverage for all reviews on the page.  

How are reviews managed

Reviews are collected and managed on their own respective ShopperStream (by ResellerRatings) dashboard.  So if you're already set up with multiple accounts, just keep doing what your doing.


Reviews that are collected from different sources will be displayed and clearly marked to shoppers for Trust and Transparency reasons.  It will look like the following.  That way shoppers know if it's sourced from a manufacturer or related brand.