Importing Reviews from your Product Manufacturers

ShopperStream from ResellerRatings now offers you the opportunity to import reviews directly from your product manufacturers. With consent from the manufacturer to share the review content to ShopperStream, we can get you up and running quickly.

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With a simple .CSV file upload, we can ingest the reviews directly from your product manufacturers to ShopperStream. 

Here is a link to our template file for importing the review content. 

See below for a breakdown on what each column will need. 

product_name - Product Title on YOUR Product Detail Page

sku - SKU from YOUR Product Detail Page

URL - YOUR Product Detail Page URL

rating - out of 5 rating for the review (1,2,3,4,5)

title - review title

review_text - the product review content

review_date - original date the review was posted

reviewer_name - a unique username for the author of the review

email - email of the review author 

gtin - global trade item number

mpn - manufacturer part number 

brand - Brand of the Product

review_id - unique identifier for each review

parent_id - required if using our parent/child product implementation

manufacturer_url - Main URL for the manufacturer, does not have to be the exact product page. 


Once the .CSV has been compiled, please send it to your implementation manager for approval and upload.