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How are reply back rates calculated?

Reply-back rates show up on your storefront. Shoppers can see the reply back rate to see how much you engage with an audience.

Why reply back to reviewers?

It's always good to reply back publically to customers, good or bad.  This shows browsers of ResellerRatings.com looking for in-depth data that you in fact engage and try to resolve issues.  A good online presence is critical to convey to customers that you're part of the real deal.


Reply-back rates are based on the number of neutral to negative reviews you engage with.   Positive reviews aren't factored into the reply back rate calculation.  The reply back rate also applies to a rolling time period within the last year.  It does not factor in reviews past this time period.  The reply back rate takes into account both

  • Public messages to customers
  • Direct non-public messages

Effectively if you tried to communicate to someone - it will show this data.