Feedback - Templates

Templates help you dig deep within your shopper journey with data templates designed to pull in critical stories about the moment.

If you’re starting out your e-commerce store, you may be thinking, ‘I have a million problems; I don’t even know where to start finding problems.  If you’re a large company with more people, you will start to see inefficiency and know where to direct the feedback experience for your customer.
  1. The first thing is to identify your most urgent problem as a business or even a particular customer problem you think might be occurring.
    1. How can I get more sign-ups? Why are customers abandoning my sign-up page, or why do my coupons and loyalty incentives not convert?
    2. Determine how to get to those customers (via direct emails, or on-site during a particular event)
      1. Start with basic email delivery before you get into micro-survey targeting
    3. Or get started with our micro templates to get you going.