Inbox Reports - Reporting Intervals

All the periods your data is calculated around are based on the timing intervals you have set up for your report.  

You might be asking yourself - how do I filter the reporting range?  Filters are simply based on the INTERVAL you choose to get reports on.  Daily reports will capture a daily summation of data.  Weekly reports will grab a weeks worth of data.

You can send reports on several intervals

  • Daily - data is calculated every day on a daily basis 

  • Weekly -  data is calculated every day on a weekly basis and accounts for 7 days worth of data

  • Monthly -  data is calculated every day on a monthly basis 

  • Quarterly  -  data is calculated every day on a quarterly basis 


  • data reports can be paused so they do not send out

  • alternatively - timing is given for each report send out and when you can expect it in your inbox!

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