Inbox Reports - Build for your team

Are you an analyst? An executive? Or even on the customer support side of the team? Let's see how inbox reports can be tailored to your use case.

Executive reports are designed to make your team's life easier.  



When you create reports, design them with the end-user in mind, especially if it's not you. For example, if you want to roll up a report to the executive team, you want to invoke modules that pertain to high-level analytics and trends.

An actual department head might want to know more specifics. For example, an individual in shipping may want to know all the negative reviews with the 'Shipping' tag.

Example 1 - The Analyst

This day-to-day platform user is not actively replying or engaging with customers but trying to understand trends in reporting, identify issues before they start, and generally understand the influx of information.

Recipes for the Analyst

Review Acquisition - This shows collection effectiveness for each acquisition method alongside a summary of the star rating breakdown for the period.

Instant Surveys - This gives you insight into what people think immediately after purchasing a product from your store.

Example 2 - The Executive

The executive wants to know high-level trends to make decisions. Where are there supply line issues? What's happening with shipping due to slowdowns in a particular factory? What are people saying about all of this? What are the collection rates, and how effective are the review collection programs?

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