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Deleting your company profile on ResellerRatings

Consumers are at the forefront of deciding who gets reviewed on ResellerRatings.

We understand many companies have hesitation when they are getting reviewed online. Whether a company likes it or not, its company profile will be added to many websites, and ResellerRatings is one of them. Customers choose to submit which stores get added to ResellerRatings.  We simply host the content.  They then write reviews, we simply host the content.

We believe everyone should have a voice and we've been protecting and advocating for the consumer's voice. The ResellerRatings team does not choose which companies consumers get to review - only consumers. Our goal is to maintain a community of trustworthy reviews!


Consumers decide which companies are reviewed on ResellerRatings —we simply host the content.


How are business profiles created?

Business profiles are added when a customer wants to review a site.  Customers can then start writing their reviews for a business.  

It's our goal to create and build a real community of trustworthy reviews. Each review is user-generated content owned by its author, so once a business is reviewed on ReselleRatings, we don’t remove the profile page or the attached reviews unless we're made aware that there's a breach of our rules.

What you can do

Whether or not your company is actively involved with your company profile page, subscribes to our free services or paid services - ResellerRatings doesn't remove reviews unless they apply to certain terms and flags. Any review can be reported at any time to be moderated by our moderation team.

  • Anyone can report a review for moderation and violations

  • Businesses can interact with reviewers and have their say by leaving a reply below each review via their ResellerRatings Account, on either the limited free plan, or the paid plan.

The company is under new ownership, we would like to remove the old reviews.

We don't remove reviews under this condition for the following reasons.

Simply put, new ownership doesn't invalidate experiences customers have had with the company under past ownership. Removing this content would invalidate the groundwork already set by the company and people's real, genuine experiences.


However what can be done, is new ownership can claim the page, as well as respond back to reviews, learn from the past reviewer's issues and engage in our collection tools to start soliciting reviews under the new ownership.


In the future, we will be making available a feature to denote ownership change that can be highlighted on the storefront so customers are well aware of when a shift had transpired.

Don't worry. Connect, build trust and credibility

There's an opportunity for any business to reach out and create credible relationships with its customers. ResellerRatings does this by allowing free programs, to join and to get access to tools to help your customer base.

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