Customizing Feedback - Enabling

Customizing Feedback - Enabling How to enable and turn on your feedback ResellerRatings Team

Turning on your custom feedback

Enabling custom feedback is straightforward.  You just have to turn it on, in the Customize feedback menu and it's automatically engaged.  

Defaulting to original RR Feedback

RR does a variety of internal tracking based on our core feedback questions.  This includes competitor benchmarking and more.  To go back to the original questions - simply turn the published custom survey to disabled.

Saving your changes

Your custom survey (even if it's published) won't show any changes you've made unless you've actually saved your changes after modifying it.  So anytime you make a change like re-ordering questions, adding a question into the required box or optional box, etc, save it.  

When you create a new question, makes sure you have saved changes before creating a new question, as the form will re-load causing all changes priori to saving moot. 

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