Customize Feedback - creating, ordering, deleting questions

creating, ordering, deleting questions Customize feedback

Customizing questions is fairly straightforward.  In feedback, you can

  • create new questions

  • order questions

  • set questions to optional vs required

  • set the TYPE of question and responses to invoke

Creating a new question

New questions that you create are always kept under your custom questions header.  This separates the ResellerRatings default questions against your own.  

To add a new question one simply can scroll to the bottom of the page and under ‘Your Custom Questions’, click + Add a new question! You can then title your question, and then write what the actual question is.

A question is comprised of three elements

The Question Title - not visible to public

The Question itself

The Type of Question - this determines the star rating responses

The next step is to set the TYPE of question. This determines what the user sees as they hover over the star rating!For instance, if you ask the question, ‘How was my service’.A one star might say ‘Not great’.While if your question type was around the notion of ‘Likelihood’, a one star might say ‘Not likely’.

You can delete any question you create.  This will not delete it from your collection data history but rather, only from the survey.  

Ordering Questions

Ordering questions is as simple as dragging and dropping a question from one section, onto your survey form.  Dragging a question out of the the survey box area will remove it from the survey (once it's saved).

Optional vs Required questions

Required questions simply require a user input, otherwise the Instant Survey will not proceed and will not be submittable.  Optional questions do the opposite.  Required questions are always shown right away and never hidden, unlike optional questions that can reveal themselves as a survey progresses.  

Question types

See here for more information regarding question types.

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