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Customer Service Check Route to support for escalating issues ResellerRatings Team

Sometimes, you want to reinforce to customers that help is on the way. Before a negative experience gets syndicated outwards, there may be an opportunity to assist a customer and resolve their issue beforehand.

Turning on Customer Service Check allows you to do this.

  1. You can redirect a customer to a service line that is specialized in helping

  2. Add a JS handler to open up your chat software to remind them someone is there to help with an order

  3. Place a custom message which directs the customer better

Customer Service Check - Watch Video

Where to find it

Go to Collection > Settings

How it works

When a customer gives you a 1-2 star rating on the checkout survey - there is still an opportunity to fix an issue before an order goes out. This checks to see if a negative experience has occurred and allows you to post a message and more importantly - route the customer to an escalated helpline.

  1. A customer can always still choose to leave a review

  2. You can't block a customer from leaving a negative experience

Adding more advanced Workflows

In some cases, you may want to lead a customer to open a chat bot on your site or another workflow. You can place a JS handler here depending on what your platform uses to automatically open it up.

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