Custom Questions - Creating a new question type

Custom Questions - Creating a new question type Creating new question types for your category pools ResellerRatings Team

It's very easy to create a new question type. There are several types of questions you can create, all of which have different ways for a customer to react to. These are all very self-explanatory.

  1. Radio Buttons - allow customers to select ONE option from a series of options that are all visible

  2. Text Are Input - indicates a larger written response should be given to any question. This urges a customer to write a detailed answer

  3. Drop Down - this is a drop-down where they can select pre-made choices

  4. Multi-Checkbox - allows customers to select multiple choices, so a given question may have multiple answers and or data fields. For example, if you ask someone what they like, they might have multiple answers.

  5. Text Single Input - is much like a text area input but its response is restricted to a shorter answer type - indicating that a short answer would serve shoppers the best.

New Question Options

Custom questions have a bunch of options that change their behavior.

  1. Publically visible answer - in this case, the answer is either private or public. If it's private, only you can see it on your internal admin dashboard. for example, perhaps you want to ask folks 'what we could do better'. This might be a question that you want them to answer with each review, but what to keep it private!

  2. Required or Optional - A required question forces someone to answer it. This is indicated by an asterisk and a warning that it is required, so a customer knows they need to fill it in.

Creating New Questions

Creating new questions is super easy.

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