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Content Usage Guidelines

What does content usage for reviews look like while your a client vs not. Let's take a look.

Our brand stand has been around for almost 20 years and is very important to our team and shoppers.  With millions of impressions served to shoppers, it's important to stay consistent. 

We appreciate it when companies utilize our brand correctly, demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. Misusing or inaccurately representing our brand can compromise the credibility of our reviews, along with the trust consumers and businesses place in ShopperStream by ResellerRatings) as a universally recognized symbol of trust. Therefore, adhering to these Guidelines while using our brand is crucial.  




Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 11.05.55 AM

ResellerRatings is also undergoing a brand overhaul to ShopperStream - the transition will take place this year


Proper Content Usage


  1. Always remember to link back to your ResellerRatings/Shopperstream profile when you’re showing off our brand on your website.
  2. Enjoy using the cool tools we've provided in your merchant account like widgets and social sharing options like social images, etc – no need to ask us, they're there for you!
  3. Keep things up-to-date and honest by including a current review count or date stamp when discussing your ResellerRatings/ShopperStream Score and Star Rating, whether online or in print.
  4. Love using our logo? We love seeing it, too! Make sure it accompanies your Star Rating, Score, or reviews whenever they make an appearance.
  5. Double-check that the Score and Star Rating you're sharing in your marketing is the real deal and not misleading. It's as simple as adding a review count or date stamp to your posts and ads.
  6. Do not share your average scores provided on your store page, or the 6-month averages, etc.  The Score we have is our standardized scoring system
  7. You can use the name convention of 'ResellerRatings', or 'Shopperstream (by ResellerRatings)' or just 'Shopperstream' as we continue to manage our brand transition



And please steer clear of these:

  1. Remember, our brand is like a good recipe – best not to tweak it. So please don’t alter, amend, or change any part of it, including our name and logos.
  2. Avoid using our brand to imply endorsement or recommendation for your business or any other products and services. We love supporting you, but let’s keep it accurate.
  3. Your score and reviews are all about you, so let’s not compare them to other businesses unless you specifically employ our category system. You’re unique, and your scores should reflect just that.
  4. It’s all about trust, so let’s not mislead by suggesting reviews from others are yours. Transparency is key.
  5. Stick to the ResellerRatings software services and features included in your plan. If it’s not part of the package, speak to us before you use it
  6. Reviews should tell the whole story, so showcasing only the five-star ones without explaining might give the wrong impression. Full stories only, please!  If you use our snippet tool, do not take a review out of context by snipping out a particular word that might be opposite of the overall user rating
  7. Keep things relevant—if you’re displaying review widgets, make sure they’re connected to the content or product they're next to. In fact, the FTC is scrutinizing the use of product reviews with a variety of products, confusing shoppers. Be clear; use our tools to help syndicate content appropriately.

Paid vs. non-paying - or what if I leave?


Your ResellerRatings / Shopperstream reviews will be included in your paid plan.  Our free plan allows you to manage your store profile and official widget to showcase.

If you're no longer subscribed to a Shopperstream/ResellerRatings plan, you generally wouldn't have the right to use our branded widgets or display our reviews on your website using our tools, as these services are part of your subscription plans. Our terms of service restrict the use of our official branding, widgets, and marketing tools to active paid subscribers.   

So, if you're not subscribed to our paid services:

  • 1. No use of content within marketing materials
  • 2. No use of exporting or using content unless outside terms have been utilized and discussed with an account manager

However, the specifics can vary based on your agreement with our contractual clauses when you were subscribed.


Who owns this content?

Reviewers own the content.    We have a license to re-distribute it.  See terms here.  

Misuse of Content

We really care about our brand and it means a lot to us that it's used just right. Here are a few examples of what not to do:

  • Using an outdated ResellerRatings / Shopperstream score or Star Rating;
  • Putting a static picture of your Resellerratings or Star Rating on your website - use the widgets;
  • Using your ratings or a review Star Rating in a way that might confuse people about your overall ratings score.   
  • Displaying a ResellerRatings/Shopperstream widget or content using tools not approved or included in your Shopperstream/Resellerratings subscription.
  • Sharing content that isn’t current;

There may be more instances of misuse that are not listed here.  If we spot something off, we’ll need to step in and make it right. We're here to help make sure everything runs smoothly and fairly!


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