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How to Use Response Templates

Template Management – Create and manage signatures for Case Management

Our response template feature gives you the ability to create and save different canned responses that your team can use to streamline the process of responding and managing reviews.

For example, let’s say that you generally respond back to positive reviews with the same message. Instead of typing that message out each time, you can simply save the response with our tool and choose it any time you’d like to use it.

To get started, go to your Dashboard à Seller Ratings à Reviews à Open a Case à Response Templates à “Manage”

Or, you can always manage them by navigating to Seller Ratings à Cases à Response Templates directly:

Then, you’ll be brought to a page where you can create and manage your templates:

If you go to “+Add New Template”, you can begin to create your own templates. Then you’ll be brought here:

  • Under the “Type” drop down menu, you have the option to classify the response as an introduction, a signature, or other. 

  • Under “Short Name”, go ahead and give the response a name that will help you recognize what kind of review/situation the response is meant for.

  • Under “Text to Display”, type out the canned response.

  • The “Access Options” drop down menu will give you the option to either allow all team members to use the response or restrict it so that only you have access to use it.

  • You can also either check or uncheck the “Active” check box, based on whether you’d like to have this appear as a response option based on the current workflow.

Now, whenever you are in a case, you can click the “Choose” drop down menu under “Response Templates”, choose a response, and it will appear in your message box. 

Then when you’re ready, click “Respond”, and you’re done!

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