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Direct Link Survey Quick and easy direct link capture ResellerRatings Team


Update - as of 2020, the Direct Survey link has been deprecated.  Any reviews coming in from the survey link will be labeled as 'organic' reviews and not solicited.  These reviews will not be syndicated to our syndication partners 


When to use it

Sometimes you'll want to get reviews directly from reviewers via our site and not through our EAP (Email After Purchase Method). Whether it's through a mass email campaign or one on one, sometimes the exit survey isn't the best option. Our customized URL gives your company the ability to generate reviews without having to share customer data with ResellerRatings.

  • Use it when you want to send a direct link out to a customer

  • Embed the direct link within e-receipts, online promotions, loyalty programs, etc

  • Embed the direct link on your web-site post-purchase

By setting up the appropriate link structure, you can easily send links that pre-populate a survey that takes place directly on storefront. It's an easy and very effective way to remind your customer base to drop a review for your services! Just apply the following link structure:

Flow and Usage

Depending on what type of Merchant you are (service, reseller, brand, etc.) the Direct Survey can be customized on request by Merchant Members. If you’re a service, some of the questions on the survey may not apply to you and can be customized accordingly.

There are five questions we ask consumers.  These questions are focused on your services, fulfillment, and overall customer satisfaction.  A review blurb from the consumer provides a story about their experience. If you’ve customized your direct ResellerRatings review page, it will also show here.

Direct Survey Format[storename]/email/[customer@emailaddress]/invoice/[invoice-number]/date/[xxxx-xx-xx]

storename - your resellerratings store URL name

email - your customers email address ( - required!)

invoice - the invoice number for the order for verification

date - date formate (year month day) (2017-12-28) which is the international date format

Help my Customers are not verifying their account

When using an incorrectly structured link, the reviewer's account will never be verified and activated. If you send customers directly to our page - we will consider this a review in which someone has to go through a verification process on their side and confirm their email ownership - thus causing the review to stay in an inactive state. To avoid this, ensure you are using the structured link as described above.

Other Limits

ResellerRatings takes a stance of protecting its platform and finding a balance in protecting user privacy.

Customers past 90 days will not be valid

If no email is provided, customers will go through a validation process that will make reduce review collection rates (a portion of customers will simply not verify their email address – which is typical)

You can optionally turn on anonymous reviews to protect the privacy of your customers and for data privacy efforts, but your reviews will not have customer-facing public data which makes reviews more authentic (but it will streamline the review collection process for the actual writer).

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