AI - Product Review Widget Summary

Our next gen version of product reviews includes review summaries for your product page. Here's how to enable them.

Package Add On - AI 

Plan - Pro & Above (Product reviews requirement)

AI Credit Cost - 1 credit / product 




Trustbot can scan up to 50 of your latest product reviews per product and write out a summary detailing what customers are saying.  If you have less than 50 reviews - Trustbot will not summarize the content. 



Product review summaries on a product page offer several benefits to shoppers, enhancing their shopping experience and aiding in their decision-making process. They are designed to do a few things.

1. Give shoppers quick insights to reduce cognitive load when viewing a product page and reviews

2. Allow them to summarize the pros and cons very quickly

3. Highlight key features and concerns

What it looks like on your Product Page


Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 12.15.16 PM

How to turn this AI feature on

You can turn this feature on under Settings > Trustbot

There are two core options to choose from - turning the feature on / off and the 'rating threshold' for the products it chooses.  For example, if a product is 1-3 stars and negative, AI summations can be turned off.   


Adjusting this threshold will show summations for all reviews for the star rating you chose AND ABOVE.  So in this, it will show AI summations for all product reviews 3 stars and above.

Browsing summations in your dashboard


Summations can also be seen and viewed internally on your dashboard for intelligence as well as allowing your customer agents to understand what people are saying quickly.  They are viewable in two places


1. Product Catalogue page


2.  Product Summation CARD when looking at individual reviews



API usage and data retrieval 

Yes, all the product data is provided directly via the API, so the summation, topic, and sentiment value can be accessed.

1. Summation data

2. Topic

3. Topic sentiment level