Review Tracking - Aggregate Report

One Portal, one view of your brand across all 3rd party review sites.

On your main dashboard page, you will see the review aggregate report.  This handy report is like a pulse on what's happening across your ratings and review and shopper experience landscape.

The trend alerts tab shows a few things.

  • The number of reviews collected on each platform 
  • Average Rating across all platforms
  • Total negative/neutral and positive breakdowns
  • Last update of the aggregate data

How does this report help me?

This little report card effectively saves you hours of time aggregating a snapshot of your data across different sites and normalizing the data in a way that makes sense.  We do all the negative/neutral and positive breakdowns as well as collect the averages so you can fire off your report to your executive team or get a pulse on whats happening right away.

This report helps you learn

  • What platforms are underperforming in terms of score or review collection?
  • What is the general breakdown of reviews on these platforms?