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Advertising with ResellerRatings

Advertising with ResellerRatings ResellerRatings never takes kickbacks from retailers to increase their score rating, nor do we play favorites. ResellerRatings Team

Advertising with ResellerRatings

Our policies are enforced uniformly for all retailers. Anything less is unfair and unethical. Merchant Members have a claim to their storefront listing and can promote various offers or calls to action on their storefront. Merchants who have and have maintained exceptional ratings generally have an opportunity to invoke better advertising toolsets and features like Elite Merchant Seals.

Storefront Advertising

While this feature is always evolving there are several places where a client can advertise and feature reviews. Retailers are not always free to feature any review, for example, a low scoring store cannot feature a high scoring review. Our store prevents reviews that break this rule from showing up.

Clients can also push other content on their pages such as their Facebook wall and other social media connections for connecting with shoppers.

Google Ads

We run Adsense Ads in several places across the site. Retailers who subscribe to our program do not have Adsense or related retailer ads run.

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