Adding Multiple Stores

Have multiple stores or brands? Unify them under the enterprise portal.


ResellerRatings is built to handle hierarchies and complicated storefronts.  No organization is the same.  Some have local stores, others have one website, while others have multiple brands and websites.  Managing your UGC under a proper system is critical to how you engage and syndicate the content effectively across channels.  

Types of Organizations supported

  • Retailer with multiple websites - in this case, you might be managing several web properties that are related under a parent company

  • Retailer with multiple stores - in this case, we can represent hundreds of stores across regions, districts, etc and cut reporting by any faceted lens for distribution

  • Websites + local stores - a combination of both local and web properties

New Agent Type - Enterprise

Enterprise stores have a new Agent type called the Enterprise Agent.  The Enterprise agent has access to the special Enterprise dashboard that allows a high-level 10k ft view of all the stores, performance, and more.   

Setting up Stores

A ResellerRatings account manager will help you add/remove and start your store structure and setup.  It's pretty easy, but we do need some information from you to bulk load in the store data and agents associated with the stores.

  • Send us a list of stores in our CSV format (link here)

  • You can go into the dashboard and set up the hierarchy and districts if these are local and physical stores

  • Send us the list of users that are associated with each store and their access

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