Manual Collection - Accelerator Guidelines

Important Guidelines for Accelerator

Accelerator is available to all new client accounts for a limited time for an initial upload.  The accelerator is solely around to assist in initial onboarding to migrate to automatic JavaScript collection

It’s important to double-check your email lists for Accelerator!  Make sure your dates are correct and you don’t go back more than 30 days in your purchase history

The accelerator is available to new clients for 60 days for Seller Ratings


There are a lot of advantages to using our JavaScript collection instead of Accelerator.  The accelerator is used to assist mainly with businesses that want to start collecting, but may not have the initial development resources lined up. 

If you need help or have a unique case, we will work with your team in order to better understand your business.

The ResellerRatings team will work closely with your team to drive confidence in the collection as we migrate you from using an Accelerator to JavaScript automated review collection methods, or even via our API if accessible by your plan!