Manual Collection - Accelerator

Collect reviews and get started without any code deployments

When to use it

Sometimes, new clients may not have the ability to update the code on your website to bring in reviews and you want to get kick-started.   There may be code freezes, or even bigger priorities items from the development side.  We have seen it all.  This is where Accelerator comes in. A no-nonsense, streamlined way to collect reviews and kickstart feedback.

Accelerator is not a continuous review acquisition funnel.  Instead, think of it like an email campaign blast directed at your recent customers to pull in reviews from your customers for initial onboarding. 

The accelerator can be used for both brand and product review collection methods.  Want to know more?  Checkout our important guidelines for accelerator.

Accelerator is open to all plans, limited to new clients who are onboarding for 60 days.


  • No code implementation

  • Boost your review acquisition quickly 

You can reach the Accelerator Dashboard at Collect Trust > Accelerator


When you submit a file of consumers with their email addresses, Accelerator takes in the invoice data, purchase date and email and starts putting together our surveys to email out to each one of your consumers. Simply by uploading the file, the survey will send out at the ‘delay’ you have set from the purchase date.

For example, if a consumer made a purchase one month ago, and I uploaded their email to accelerator, the survey will NOT be sent out in seven days (or whatever you have it customized to). It will send the survey 7 days from the purchase date! Since we’ve exceeded the purchase date by three weeks, in this case, the survey will be sent out within the day.

If the purchase date were that day, the email would be sent out in seven days!

Canceling an Accelerator Upload

On your dashboard, once you upload a CSV to Accelerator, you have approximately one hour to CANCEL.  Otherwise it is committed to the database and will be sent out. Common problems include merchants who have included customers in their list that do not want to be mailed or compiling an incorrect list. Please double-check your list.

Once you click cancel, those records in the list will be removed and the survey send-out procedure will be aborted.


! It’s important to double-check your email lists for Accelerator!  Make sure your dates are correct and you don’t go back more than 30 days in your purchase history


When do accelerator emails actually go out?

Accelerator emails only go out, after the date of purchase and the exit survey delay has been taken into consideration.  A couple of scenarios to consider.

  • If your purchase date is the current day, the review survey will be sent out purchase date + survey delay days out

  • If your purchase date is in the past (a prior customer you want to solicit), it will be the same thing.  However, the email may go out sooner than expected as the survey delay might bring you to the current date.  This means the surveys will go out right away.

  • Remember - date surveys sent = purchase date + survey delay.


Kickstart your Product Review Collection

Did you know, you can reach back into your purchase history and invite customers to leave product reviews?  We’ve developed a great product reviews accelerator system that sends out invites to past customers in order to boost your product collection rate.

You must have your product page feed snippet so we have product data captured

You can upload a CSV to our Accelerator page that has your product data

The customer will get an email X days from the purchase date specified, to be invited to write a review. If we do not have the product listing captured in our data feed, our invites will wait for that particular customer until we have the product data.

There are currently no limits on how many product reviews you can solicit a month.

Formatting your CSV Upload

Please include a header row with EMAIL, INVOICE, DATE, and SKU mapping to the correct columns. You can order these columns however you want as long as there is a header.If there is no header column the default order of EMAIL,INVOICE,DATE & SKU will have to be matched.

SKU should be a space-separated list of your product SKUs you'd like reviews for if the particular buyer has multiple products in their cart.

E.g. samsungAX9200 samsungAX1000 ABC120X

This would invoke reviews for three items 

Your uploaded feeds can be canceled within the first hour after uploading



To know more about accellerator guidelines and best use cases - check out our guidelines here