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Product Reviews - III Display - Search and elsewhere

Craft a great path to purchase with product ratings in your search results.

Place trusted Product Review content across your whole journey

Take advantage of Product reviews in a multitude of channels and journey steps once your customer gets on your storefront.  From product search pages, email campaigns, to checkout pages - trust pushes customers through to conversion.

This customizable widget renders the rating of a product. Best used for category and search pages.

Place this div where you want rating stars to appear for each product. Place as many times as needed, once per product. Be sure to use the product SKU of each product for the data-rr-product-id.

Display Reviews on your Product Search Pages

Display Reviews on your Product Cart Page

 Finally, place This script tag at the bottom of your category/search page.

When someone clicks on the review, they will be taken to the Product Page again.